From licensing, to production, & China retail.  

Our multinational clients are seeking to either register or distribute their healthcare products in China, where we have selected for them: i) trusted distributors and manufacturers for high-volume consumables, ii) listed corporations who can register and dominate regional diagnostic device markets, iii) pharmaceutical companies capable of licensing pipeline therapeutics.


From WeChat marketplaces, to video on demand content. 

New business models in digital and e-commerce have created new opportunities for cross-border B2B trade. We are helping our clients integrate China’s online sales channels into their own product roll-out. Together we schedule sales drives that match  evolving consumer behaviours, while taking advantage of several adjacent markets simultaneously.

Advanced manufacturing

From components to industrial systems.

Across China’s manufacturing heartlands, we are bringing to our clients game-changing Hi-Tech processes, and scalable production to deliver to the world’s largest automotives market. Our community of investors, industrialists, and technologists enables our clients to be a part of what is the most fertile testing ground for new technology in electric vehicles, and product personalisation.

Internet of Things

Supply chain sourcing, to project delivery.

The fast-moving electronics sector touches everything from industrial, residential, retail, and logistics. We are working with clients and partners worldwide to ensure: traceability of inventory, automation of manufacturing processes, monitoring of sales, and market uptake of new consumer electronics. Our activities in China ensure our clients build leadership in Industry 4.0.