Meet Sinan

Meet Sinan's team at the following events in the UK, Europe, and China: 


Sinan UK-EU events:

1. Manufacturing ATMPs (KTN Event) - 18th September 2018, London (Event Link). 

2. Innovation Quarter LINQ - 10th October 2018, Leiden (Event Link).

3. Meet in Italy for Life Sciences - 10-12th October 2018, Bologna (Event Link). 

4. Medica, 12-15th November 2018, Duesseldorf (Event Link).

5. China-UK Pharma CEO Partnering Event, 10-14th December 2018, Cambridge UK (Event Link). 

Sinan China events: 

1. Jinan Sino-European SME Cooperation Conference, 31st Oct - 2nd Nov 2018, Jinan China (Event Link).