An ancient Chinese compass, ​the trusted 'Sinan' navigated early voyagers on their journey. Now in the 21st century, we too are guiding SMEs as they globalise their presence and products across China. Our trusted partner network and strong sector knowledge enables us to work end-to-end to achieve your aims.

We help your business grow by sourcing high-quality investors, distributors and commercial partners in China. We work with you to ensure you flourish in the rapidly evolving Chinese market.

Our clients span: Healthcare (Pharma, IVD, Medical Equipment, & IT), Manufacturing (Automotives, Smart Cities, CleanTech, & IoT), Retail (Media, E-Commerce, Digital, and Consumer Technologies), and Investment (VC / PE groups, Listed SMEs & Holdings).





Chinese Translation

Our native UK and Chinese team provide a polished and modern Mandarin translation of your business documents, presentations, and website.

Business Development

We proactively find you industry leaders in China. Our relationship-driven business network spans the stakeholders you will need to enter China.

Investment Sourcing

We work closely with investor groups on cross-border transactions. Our established partnerships enable you to privately access high-quality deal flow.

Sector Insights

We report on recent Chinese government incentives. We produce analysis specific to our clients’ sectors, granting your business a first-mover advantage in China.


Beyond a handshake, we understand that a cross-cultural presence can seal deals. Our native penetration of both China and Europe creates a seamless business experience.

Client Support

We work end-to-end with our clients, and compliant contracts mark our approach. Our dependable transparency creates solid foundations that drive revenue growth.